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Did 411Locals In Las Vegas Shut Down? Looks that way from CRAIGS LIST! Robert Paisola Reports


Google "411 Locals Closed by FBI"  Read Everything....

Call Center Affiliate Franchise Opportunity (Las Vegas) 


We tried to warn you America. Did the Feds shut this place down or did you?  This blog has been used by every State, Local and Federal Agency in its pursuit of the truth,  What Can We Say...  Here is the link from Craigslist.

No initial investment needed. Run your own call center in our building or from your own space. Get 100% payout and immediate 25% MONTHLY RESIDUAL. Utilize our 150 openers to supply incoming warm transfers.

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Affiliate Partnership Opportunity:

The Market:
It is the 21st century and the rise of online marketing seems to never stop. Demand for SEO services, web design, mobile and social network marketing is ever increasing. The US market for such services is valued at $66 Billion.

The Company:
411 Locals is a full service Internet Advertising Agency for the US market specializing in local search engine optimization, web design, online and mobile marketing, and quality content. They have been in business for eight years with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Google has awarded 411 Locals the Certified Google Partner badge, the Better Business Bureau has given 411 Locals an "A" rating, the highest of any Internet Advertising Agency. They are the most trusted name in online marketing. Their ever-growing team of SEO experts, web designers, marketers, and programmers are all highly experienced and trained, and have helped over 32,000 businesses drastically improve their sales through online marketing, design, and optimization, making our company one of the most successful full-service Internet Advertising Agencies in the world. Despite its massive growth and success, 411 Locals is committed to giving each and every client personalized attention.

Affiliate Partners Program:
To achieve such success with its internal sales team, 411 Locals has developed a proven sales process which they are ready to openly share with its affiliated partners. 411 Locals has had affiliate partners since its very inception, and recently the affiliates of 411 Locals have taken over completely the sales for the company. Now, 411 Locals is opening the doors to the affiliate program for qualified companies to apply and join this money making community.

Sales Offer:
The main offer 411 Locals affiliate make money from is a subscription based Online Presence Package with setup fees varying from $50 to $1,000 and monthly fees from $50 to $300.

Earning Potential:
The earning opportunities are unparallelled in comparison to any other affiliate partnership program. Some of the affiliates of 411 Locals have already made $1 Million in payouts from 411 Locals! There are 2 sources of earnings: 

100% commission on setup fees, paid weekly
25% residual earnings from the monthly fees, compacting the accumulation of amounts paid month over month to a progressively increasing earnings of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month (please ask for an earnings calculator).

Free Support and Training:
All affiliated partners have the full support of the team of 411 Locals.
Onboarding with a dedicated affiliate manager
In-house or remote training on the company, offer, dialer, CRM, etc.
Continuous support from a dedicated sales support team
Open books policy as to scripts, rebuttals, sales handbooks, etc.

Free business leads from desired categories
Free dialer and phone minutes
Free seats in the corporate office in Las Vegas with a 360 degree view, just one block from the Strip
Available for nominal cost phone generation of qualified leads by our 411 Locals' call center in Cebu, Philippines.

Please contact us at 702-430-9064 or 725-200-7456 to tour our facility and get started!
To contact the investigators that made this happen email

    Disclosure.. This information has been obtained from a source that has stated that because of all of the cancels and national media this blog  has obtained, that the company wants to divest all USA Holdings and continue in the Cebu City Market as well as Manila. Because of the serious loss to the American People, we will post the full documentation set as it arrives,  Remember, we are not telling you what to do.  You must do your own research

    411 Locals


    Google advertising rip off

    Complaint Rating:  84 % with 37 votes
    Notice: 411 web design of las vegas is in no way affiliated with 411locals.
    The band of crooks has been swindling folks out of there money, charging credit cards feloniously and using supplying our telephone number and help and support email address for 411locals client who have questions or concerns. I've been contacted by numerous people demanding to know why i've charged there credit cards and wanting their money returned - threatened with lawsuits and not to mention destroyed my business. I cannot wait to see these hoods jailed.

    411 Locals - fraud
    lisa kimmell photography
    5736 old redwood hwy
    United States

    they called me to sell me first page visibility for the search term San Francisco wedding photographer plus 4 other terms.
    It has been six months and they have only given me two search terms, ones that I never even wanted and they are keeping my money.
    They promise a service and don not deliver and keep your money. I think that's stealing!!!
      5th of May, 2010 by     0 Votes

    I'm having the same problem, except my company isn't even being listed.
    I a have taken action against 411 locals. I've disputed the payments with my credit card company & they have ruled in my favor.
    Also next time I go to Las Vegas (where these crack pots are located) I'm going to stop by there office and possibly settle a couple more disputes (with my fists).

    I singed up with them and they lost my file, and couldn't find my payment. I had to prove from by bank account that i had actually paid them. After this they promised to give me 2 free months and they still charged me for the next month, i was patient and gave them 2 weeks to refund the money and they still didn't do it. The most unrecognized company i have ever worked with, will never ever refer them to anyone!

    Had 411 locals list my electrical contracting business, although was listed front page, had the wrong address and contact information. Canceled the service and was continued to be bill. Now they are sending me collection notices for a service that I have canceled ... stay away from this service, I am sure there are more reputable ones out there.
    while working on my clients files, i have come across these guys...and all their fake reviews to increase rankings..the bad part is companies don't even realize the reviews are fake, but consumers can tell...when you have a profile that has reviewed businesses from 5 different states on the same day and if you look at other profile reviews, they have reviewed those same places as well...horrible! consumers are finding this and then thinking the business themselves are adding the reviews...creates a huge problem for the business! why isn't google doing something about these guys? my only advice to businesses that have used them is to contact the bbb.

    How come 411 locals told me that they will place me on Angie's list and yelp...aren't my customers supposed to do that? When I asked about being listed in another area I was told to just use an address of a family member or friend that I don't even have to live there, because Goggle will only mail me something one time and won't check again. Seems a little fishy too me... I've been thinking about this and doing some research on the Internet since I talked to them a few days ago.
    Also when I asked how they got my number...they gave me some story.

    This operation is a complete JOKE!!! 411 LOCALS ARE A FALSE HOPE, WORTHLESS LYING COMPANY. If I were any new prospective client of theirs I would run for the F-ing hills. False promise after false promise, and they absolutely do not follow through on anything they say. I am so happy to be done with them and am now using a local friend in the advertising business
    I agree, this company sucks. I do not recommend them to anyone being that i was promised so much and received nothing but headaches. I signed with 411 locals on April 5th of 2014 And it took them until September 19, 2014 to actually launch my site. I called them at least 3 times a week for the first couple months and was given the run around. They offered to give me half price which was not suitable to me being that they already got me for almost $2, 000.00. Now i have the managers begging me to come back after i already canceled. I JUST WANT PEOPLE TO MAKE SURE THEY CHECK THERE CREDIT CARD STATEMENTS BEING THAT WHEN I CANCELED MY SERVICE WITH THEM THEY CONTINUED TRYING TO CHARGE MY CREDIT CARD BUT IHAD ALREADY ADVISED MY CREDIT CARD NOT TO LET ANY CHARGES GO THROUGH FROM THEM, ON THE OTHER HAND THEY RAN IT THROUGH 411 LOCALS INTERNATIONAL INSTEAD OF JUST 411 LOCALS WHICH IS FRAUDULENT. 
    Every time i called to speak to a certain individual the customers service reps would take my information and would tell me they would return my call by the end of the business day, which never happened.
    If anybody is looking for a better company to provide a better service i would highly recommend Townsquare Interactive to them.
    I personally called the BBB on this company and I'm currently waiting to receive the paperwork in the mail.
    Dave R

    All I'm going to say is, stay away from this company!!! I've tried to cancel my account with them for several months. I received absolutely no business from their work. I had to cancel my bank account in order to stop them from charging that account, after making several phone calls to cancel. Now they are threatening to sue me and ruin my business credit if I don't pay. This company is ridiculous!
    You are better off, driving down the street every month and throwing $100.00 out the car window. That's exactly what you will be doing if you sign up with this company.

    Best advise I could give anyone is ...DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! After our differences and me cancelling them they changed my google page to a different state because they were the managers of the page still. Now months later I find this out and our business has suffered because of it. They are real dirt bags!!! and that's being nice... DON'T TRUST THEM!

    411 locals has been the worst experience i have ever had in my life. They didnt catagorize our buisness properly and landed us in a lawsuit. this place is a complete joke and waste of money

    (BUSINESS WIRE)--Litigation and Markets -SEO Litigation, 411Locals, Konstantin Stoyanov, Roumen Todrov, Western Capital 

    This is a blog written for the National Media for the National Media. Please take a moment and review all of the facts contained on the site www.411LOCALSFACTS, COM You now have the data from a National Journalist that has been embedded inside the company for 3 months.

    We will provide you with constant updates and check back frequently, as updates are constantly being added
    Robert Paisola
    Western Capital Multimedia USA

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